Poems. Coffee. Drums. Winter. Rain. Fairy lights. Photography. Guitar. Reading. [J.E.H]. Thinking. Skate. Music. Mandolin. Winter. Eyes. Blue. Ray bans. Nostalgia. Black Alaska. Skateboards. Fuck. Californication. Cameras. Jim Morrison. Vampire weekend. Elliott Smith. Lights. City. Sydney. Cd's. Bass. Vox. Jeans. Converse. Pearl jam. Felix the cat. The Doors. Cardigans. Overcoats. Suspenders. The wombats. Beds. Clint Eastwood. Sleep. Fedoras. Dr pepper. Books. Pillows. Kings Of Leon. Lazy days. Interpol. Love. Pez.


Porn is Too much. Someone could’ve eaten those apples, but instead you put them all in your Asshole? Who will eat them now? I won’t

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Meet me in the fucking pit

—James from James and the Giant Peach at one point probably (via dlubes)

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